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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Singapore.

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ID 56846

Aen Tan

Founder of Have been a product designer for many years. Worked for Anideo, ViKi, Found.

ID 42611

Usman Sheikh

Founder IDENTIFI. Helping organizations leverage their workforce data to make better decisions. @university-of-cambridge.

ID 447019

Quang Nhat Nguyen

Maker at heart. Designer with an Operation Degree. Love Javascript, especially meteorJs. Interested in UX, typography and animation. Play with Arduino.

ID 21299

Ivan Von Turkovich

Founder @buddy-drinks, @instacarte • Worked at @livecliq, @odpiralni • Studied at @university-of-ljubljana, @lulea-technical-university

ID 278368

Yos Riady

Software engineer working mainly with Python and Javascript. Currently a student in the National University of Singapore. I'm always looking to learn new things.

ID 117751

David Kadavy


Author of Design for Hackers (Debuted at #18 on @amazon) Mentor at 500 Startups. Changing the way you see design.

ID 174002

Ritesh Angural

NUS Comp Eng, Stanford (NOC Alumni), Full stack Ruby on Rails developer & Cofounder at Shutterpair. Previously at Gigya

ID 72980

Jeff Lam Tian Hung

Founder Ruuva, @quizfunnel • Worked at @perzo-4, @tiny-post, @listcharming, Singapore Armed Forces (Air Force)• Studied at @stanford-university, @national-university-of-singapore

ID 121794

Andrew Abogado

Worked at @viki • Studied at @ateneo-de-davao-university

ID 256327

Veronica Ng

Founder @cofounders-sg • Product manager & designer at @first-meta

ID 52200

Elisha Ong


Co-founder & Product Designer @burpple . Former Lead Designer @qik (acquired by @skype). Went to @stanford-university, NUS, NJC, Chinese High.

ID 38236

Sheriz Sheikh

CEO/Co-founder of Qlubbr. Worked at @yahoo, @ebay. User Experience Designer. Studied at @temasek-polytechnic

ID 27228

Teddy Zmrhal

Entrepreneur, Designer, Teacher and Director at IDEO

ID 185926

Ariff Munshi

Founder and CEO of UserScout. Founded previously, now Leads product development and is the chief architect of the application.

ID 167133

Kristina B.

User Experience Designer, User Interface Designer, Content Strategist & formerly a Visual Designer with @paypal, SapientNitro, XM-Asia, Profero...

ID 252427

Manish Nathani

ID 420310

Shawn Lim

Full stack web developer. Experienced in JavaScript & MeteorJS. Implement ideas in a lean fashion. Educated in Business Management. Founded Storyline.

ID 86528

Amelia Chen

Co-founder of @lovebyte. Girl in Tech. Background in design and communications. Passionate about the Internet and businesses with positive social impact.

ID 134161

Danny Crichton


Writer, Hacker and Investor • Writes @techcrunch • Invested @general-catalyst-partners • Worked @google on Google+ • Applied Math @stanford-university

ID 585429

Eugene Yeo

National University of Singapore CS, Full stack web developer, worked at Tripvillas.

ID 239935

Kenneth Lim

Founder @triibe, @love-out-loud-asia • Worked at @oracle-corporation, @ogilvy • Strong design background

ID 93676

Daylon Soh

Business Hustler & Marketer of CuriousCore. Founder Institute graduate. Designs, the online TV shopping channel for products with great design.

ID 140627

Lim Chee Aun

Web Developer. Frontender. Awesomer.

ID 310686

Kyaw Oo


Founder @aardvark, HiKMO • Studied at @harvard-university

ID 377635

Fern Yit Lim

Creating value for busiensses by creating delight for their users

ID 320556

Zay Yar Wai Phyo

Founder @myanmar-plus, Daunglan • Worked at @icarsclub, @active-8-pte-ltd • Studied at @london-metropolitan-university

ID 102082

Ben Hamey

Great Ape @ @bonobo. Designer of multiple #1 apps. I'm all about smashing business, design and technology into a delicious concoction.

ID 89486

Josh Israel

Co-Founder of Thrill. Hustler. Designer. School of Hard Knocks Grad. Start Engine Accelerator Q2 Grad. Moved to India to be part of a cultural change.

ID 186184

André Bose do Amaral

Founder/CEO @mecenato and SoMEDA. Interaction designer and art director. Worked @espm @jwt @ibm @ddb @fabrica @wunderman @draftfcb

ID 109765

Yolanda HB Halston

Founder @pioliang,Working on @brokerstars Innovation blogger and marketer. • Worked at @publicis-groupe, @leo-burnett • Studied at @university-college-london, @london-school-of-economics

ID 246861

Mohammed Pitolwala

Product Designer practicing Lean design & dev. Use Jobs to be done, Kano and behavioural psychology models. Practice UCD, journey mapping and prototyping

ID 521935

Heui Jin Jo

Brand development, retail concept, interactive, design, creative direction, product development. Senior Art Director @sypartners. MBA @insead-1 . BFA @ArtCenter

ID 292404

Liling Ong

• Co-Founder @Styleprofile • Founder @jasmine-lilac • Worked in Leadership Advisory @heidrick-and-struggles • Worked in Law @Allen&Overy • Graduated from @university-college-london-1 and @BPPLawSchool • Grew up London / Singapore

ID 68131

Kelvin Koh

Chief Rain Maker, PixBento Designer + Coder + Entreprenuer

ID 174563

Jenny Shen

UX/UI Design Lead at @gimmie • Co-creator & Product Designer of @swiip

ID 170438

Ling Fu

UX Designer @; Founder @ iDeed.Gd, a crowdfunding marketplace for non-profits; Currently working on a people-discovery app.

ID 656474

Sharon Ng

NYU Stern Masters in Business Analytics, specialized in Digital Analytics & Strategy. Worked at CNBC Asia Pacific & Channel NewsAsia.

ID 49021

Taylor Kwek Full time entrepreneur aka jobless seeking seed funding, mentors, advisors, hackers, quants, design genius and hybrids.

ID 81041

Alicia Lee

Worked at @adventure-mob • Studied at @national-university-of-singapore, @university-of-california-davis

ID 387074

Song Keang

Eager to create

ID 404880

Guo Hang

UofMichigan HCI, UX generalist with strong enterprise software experience, created UX design across web, mobile and tangible media, led team in EU and Asia

ID 470898

Jan van der Burgt

Co-Founder, Product @ Cargobase.

ID 246446


Do check my Linkedin profile to know more about my background (Educational / Work / Additional Info) Linkedin Link:

ID 185988

Dean Yap

Studied at @nanyang-university, @university-of-manchester. Started a software consultancy to delivery ERP and MRP solutions to small medium companies in manufacturing sector.

ID 443564

Javier Su

Founder @colab-singapore • Studied at @singapore-university-of-technology-and-design-1 (in collaboration with MIT) • Training to name a mountain

ID 443801

Toh Yong Cheng

Founder of Colab Singapore. University Pioneer at SUTD.

ID 251265

Siti Aishah Zahari

Driver of Startup+Design community, Studied @national-university-of-singapore-1 Startup Scout @nus-enterprise-incubators #Design #Fundraising

ID 265755

Aruna Harsa

Co-Founder @dashsell. Mathematics & Economic student @nanyang-technological-university. Strong advocate of @user-experience-design-1.

ID 236606

Son Le Thanh

A geek, entrepreneur and a hustler. He is passionate with meeting people and helping them get connected. In his free time, he frequently hacks on new ideas.

ID 111204


Mostly harmless

ID 153527

Magnus Teo

Designer, Developer, Dreamer - @bondfire. INTP, Creative Director.

ID 308313

Tracy Pham

A driven, self-starter looking for exciting career growth in IT & Banking sector. Currently working at BOA Merrill Lynch Singapore. SMU MITB Master 2011.

ID 186578

Yap Lun Leon

deployed 2 cms and a php framework website from scratch. Geeky in tech, big visionary.

ID 284327

Rohit Jha

eFX Analyst at RBS. Crazy about internet, robots and physics

ID 331368

Jason Parke

Cornell Engineer with experience in strategy and product management at a major financial services company in New York, Australia and Singapore

ID 520374

Vanessa Ng

Marketing strategist. Observer grounded in social and intercultural understandings. Persistent problem solver.

ID 544097

Seth Borden

VP at the world's premier frontier market private equity firm with a strong background in evaluating business opportunities when data's scarce.

ID 152664

Amar Gupta

Founder @leadcap-trust • Worked at @national-university-of-singapore-1, @aidcom-as-norway • Studied at @indian-institute-of-technology-kharagpur

ID 3142

Joey Cody

@google-summer-of-code open source developer @code-for-america-deleted. Spent a year coding in Singapore, then surfed and finished BA in Statistics at UCSB. Semi-professional ping pong player.

ID 246898

Yi Jun Lio

Co-Founder of Splore Sdn. Bhd. Project Director for Youth Jam 2011. Adobe Certified. Member of UNAM.

ID 512520

Junwei Huang

Undergraduate at NUS, Freelance Developer, Business and Technology Enthusiast, Currently gaining experience and learning knowledge in Digital Marketing

ID 517313

Jaxe Pan

is a designer, architect and writer. see her work at

ID 229341

Hasan Moulana

ID 592203

Chen Weng Wei

Love product. Love Web. Shares article in

ID 281947

Yeeling Chua

Freelance Digital UI/UX Designer + Serial Wanderluster. Constant cravings to create beautiful pixel-related wonders & putting footsteps around the world.

ID 270032

Jesslyn Teo

Designer based in Singapore.

ID 189629

Abhay Rautela

Founder @the-ux-bookmark, @ux-quotes • Worked at @sapient, @possible-worldwide • Studied at @middlesex-university

ID 264436

Timothy Su

ID 265832

Nghia Truong


Co-Founder & CEO at Antking, an outsourcing company at Vietnam. Entrepreneur, Marketer and Developer.

ID 194494

Pierre De Luca

Founder @mediatropy, @alatask • Worked at @mblox, @france-telecom • Studied at @efrei

ID 182127

Federico Garcia

*** Just waiting for that #dreamjob to work on products being used by millions around the world ***

ID 123647

Jonathan Yap

UX/UI Designer at Roomorama. Work with mobile, UX/UI, and front-end. Previously with @techlightenment and @myspace. Curates Digital Ketchup!-bfbwqm

ID 651060

Eunkyung Kim

Passionate UX designer. Worked at Comcast Silicon Valley.

ID 642822

Priyanka Irle

I am an Interaction Designer by profession, a dreamer by heart and a yakety-yak by soul.

ID 282685

Chen Hu

Founder of DodoHub • Strong technology and design background. Worked at @credit-suisse, @autodesk, bachelor of engineering in NTU Singapore.

ID 485371

Aditya Swami

Computer Engineering from National University of Singapore; Web developer; Looking for interesting and challenging projects to work on

ID 552466

Swati Gupta

Scientist at A*STAR, Singapore. I do research in cognitive science and social psychology, which is anchored in communication and language technology.

ID 322224

Sasha Tan

Designpreneur. Co-founded and sculpted @blazingx, @stoone & @TheBrownGiftBox into visually and commercially compelling business ventures.

ID 572027

Saint Aye Chan Htoon

Web Developer and UX Designer at VanityTrove, first social networking site for beauty in SEA.

ID 78220

Lance Quejada

I am a User Interface Designer and a hybrid one, a sweeper, who knows how to craft pixels and enjoy cranking codes at the same time.

ID 244290

Johnbosco Ng

Co-founder at @packnada. Worked at @mindshare (Project Mgt, BD). Humble student of design and other worldly knowledge.

ID 523509

Lee Brandon

ID 72098

sajid saiyed

Senior Lead Designer- User Experience Design @ @tpvision, Singapore (Formerly @philips TV Division).

ID 522280

Kyaw Myint Oo

Working at @crowdonomic-media-1

ID 754858

Stefie Chin

An enthusiastic and progressive UX Web Designer.

ID 102125

Jason Yoo

Co-Founder & Lead Designer @travelog-pte-ltd

ID 682499

Michelle Masri

Digital Designer with 4 years London work experience. Created a typeface with 26k downloads thus far. Believer of continuous learning.

ID 363233

Laura Chang

cross media designer

ID 680557

Duc Anh Tran

Fresh graduate graphic designer, specialized in print, editorial and typography.

ID 23905

Jerry Ji

Founder and CEO of, the @pinterest for deals

ID 604315

Jiajun Wu

UI designer. Has a sharp eye for design, color, typography, and most importantly a sense of humanly intuitiveness. Created a To-do List for Windows

ID 444246

Jess Tan

Creative resume

ID 267524

Eng Chun Pang

Co-founder of Storinn. Worked at Kuala Lumpur and currently based in SIngapore. Work with creative fellows, specialise in branding and visual communications.

ID 123035

Jonathan Child

Software Engineer @anika. Worked as reseach assistant in Andes Lab @ UC Merced, instructor @the-american-red-cross, lead Designer @revealink

ID 723508

Bala Sivagnanam

Software enthusiast who loves UCD approach with master degree in software engineering from NUS. Good experience in developing java applications ,UX, UI dev

ID 329422

Elena Newton

Senior Development Manager, CX Entrepreneur, and Code Geek

ID 200360

Naing Oo

ID 631211

Ramya Ramaswamy

Working as software developer;

ID 697384

Danny Ang

Freelance | CG Artist

ID 714947

Czarnie Salazar

Front-End Web Developer

ID 623715

Wong Cheuk Bun

Designer, Producer, CMS expert

ID 576144


Brand Strategist; for PöhlNéuer.

ID 236906

Koichiro Hiraike

interior designer, buisiness matchin service, web shop owner

ID 77761

Tan Yang

Business analyst. Possess creative and innovative capacity. Excel in organizing events and forte in events management and sales and marketing aspect.

ID 236027

Payal Lal

Student of the first class of Yale-NUS College; part time writer and entrepreneur

ID 406842

Aparna Janardhanan Nambiar

UI/UX Design enthusiast from Singapore. Working currently at Invite Pte Ltd Glad to take up projects that teach me a thing or two though they are damn tough.

ID 150811


In search of New Horizons...

ID 340074

John Mark Rocela

Heavy Javascript User, User Interface Designer and Developer, User Experience Beginner.

ID 70813

Aliya Tair

fashion professional

ID 18875

Wilson N

Full-stack engineer experienced in modern web technologies - Node.js, AngularJS, Bootstrap. Can't tolerate bad UI design.

ID 117575

Andy Tanoko

Senior Software Engineer at Crimson Logic

ID 76439


Increase your @twitter traffic and @facebook likes. Social Media for Business, Technology, and Marketing. From Geeks to Go-Getters! News, trends, information!

ID 740077

Kevin Villanueva

Web Developer with design communication background. Currently pursuing a UX career.

ID 458025

Sanjeev Mandalapu

Rapid Application Developer packed with ColdFusion, SQL, MongoDB, NodeJS and fantastic UI

ID 363136

Yap Kwang Yik

User Interface Designer at Minitheory Pte Ltd, Singapore. Design, create and make great things.

ID 91911

Lee Z C

An engineer and entrepreneur that strive to deliver sound innovation solutions.

ID 378443

Steve Randy Tantra

ID 351945

Loretta Tioiela

Co-Founder & CTO of Nhüke.Labs, project part of Google Women Entrepreneur On the Web (WeOW) South-East Asia / HTML5 & Open-Web Advocate / Game Developer

ID 184110

Edmund Lim


ID 574096


Just my $0.02

ID 485832

Craig Massingham

Senior Designer @amobee

ID 252703

Joshua Newman

Mobile developer (iOS & Android). NUS Comp Engineering. Stanford (NOC Alumni). Co-founder of Shutterpair. Previously at Inkling.

ID 387511

Phil Neo

Junior User Experience Specialist - a Visual / IxD Aficionado

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