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ID 33593

Patrick Williamson

Consultant/advisor in SEA. Strong experience in Indonesia. @yahoo SEA, Norton and Cable ISP; product, BD, partnerships and marketing roles. INSEAD + Engineering

ID 46897

Glenn Goh

Seeking interested investors for South East Asian and North Asia regions in technology companies.

ID 233628

Alex Ognev


Databases, big data, high performance.

ID 54309

Baljit Singh

Busy Daddy. Foodie. Singaporean. Technophile. Big Oil. Entreprenuer Wannabe. Angle Investor. Adrenalin Junkie.

ID 2686

Toivo Annus


Former Head of Engineering at @skype. Mix of CS/MBA skills. I value practical progress, planning and released software. Based in Tallinn, occasionally in SG.

ID 31856

Varun Chatterji


Co-founder of @tencube, the company behind WaveSecure, which was acquired by @mcafee in 2010. Now founder of @sent-ly -

ID 126490

Gonzalo ALDAZ


Investor @i-vc | Shareholder @emailing-network | @reworld-media

ID 30568

Nicola Castelnuovo


MBA from INSEAD, Trader at Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

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