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ID 561461

Nathan Creswell


Invested and advised multiple SaaS startups. Co-founder of the SaaS Syndicate. Highly experienced product manager in the B2B space.

ID 398275

Vincent Hoong

ID 714934

Lester Kang

Co-founder PandaBed - Asian home-sharing by matching host-guest using cultural and social preferences.

ID 118631

Leon-Gerard Vandenberg


Founder @tda-tech • Worked at @idealab, @airwave-wireless • Studied at @university-of-waterloo, @carleton-university

ID 186620

Josh Teng

Founder at @televate • Worked and studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology-1.

ID 758503

Prashant Gulati

Founder FreshMonk • Worked at @capital-one • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 755216

Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng

Visionary | Strategist | Rebel Co-founder and CEO of uHoo. Growth driver and change maker. HKUST MBA 2015. Speaks both business and tech jargon.

ID 196529

Emi Takemura

Co-founder and Asia Lead of @peatix. Marketing and business development are primary strengths. 15+ yr in B2C and B2B internet space in Japan.

ID 665620

Raghav Kapoor


Co-Founder & CEO @smartkarma We are creating a whole new way to read, write and publish robust Investment Insights. I ♥ Entrepreneurs, Technology, Investing

ID 141721

Arjun Subburaj

Hustler & Product Guy, Co-Founder @provenlogic • Co-Founder @MOWARES • Studied at @edith-cowan-university

ID 85547

Toby Ruckert


Global Serial Entrepreneur, CEO @unified-inbox, President @viva-lite, Consultant/Advisor to Startups/Corp./Govt. and Musician.

ID 751120

Dan Gernez

Co-founded Talenox

ID 586572

Pierre Habshi

Founder PlusFlix, @dealdidi • Worked at @united-nations, @various-ngos • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @insead-1

ID 589149

Veronica Chew

Founder @healint • Worked at @general-electric, @moksha8-pharmaceuticals-a-tpg-company • Studied at @insead-1, @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 601046

Thomas Keslinke

Thomas Co-founded @chef-s-roll-inc a global network for culinary professionals. Thomas has worked in fine-dining, Luxury hotels and Fortune 500 Companies.

ID 473401

Sachin Unni

Co-Founder/CTO @staytuned , Co-Founder @styleroofs

ID 694064

Jon Foster


Co-Founder @smartkarma We are creating a whole new way to read, write and publish robust Investment Insights.

ID 319780

Rakhil Fernando

Aerospace Engineer at Embry Riddle. Worked in Private Banking and Private Equity at Coutts, Credit Suisse and Eureka Hedge. Founded Friskybox and Bed Hostels.

ID 547601

Michelle Tan

Community Manager at @carousell, Co-Founder of @handmade-movement-singapore and Singapore-qualified lawyer

ID 119992

Nicholas McCreath

CEO of Worked with various startups across SEA and previously headed up Product for one of the largest ISP's in Africa

ID 745052

Aaqib Gadit

Founded @purevpn (100k+ Paying Users), Gaditek (Digital Agency) and Cloudways (Next Generation Cloud Platform). Love Big Data, DevOps and Cloud!

ID 587894

Feby George Joseph

Founder PlusFlix, @roovno-web-ventures, Management Consultant, @ INSEAD, @startup

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