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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Singapore.

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ID 83116

Carmen Benitez

Founder @fetch-plus a top social media company to watch by TechCrunch. Named 1 of 5 Geek Girls to Watch in Asia by largest social network for women in tech.

ID 445498

Hayk Hakobyan

ID 424179

M. Hasnain Hyder

ID 85547

Toby Ruckert


Global Serial Entrepreneur, CEO @unified-inbox, President @viva-lite, Consultant/Advisor to Startups/Corp./Govt. and Musician.

ID 604993

Max Xu

ID 677418

Charles Hough

Entrepreneur in high-tech

ID 554725

Alvin Chung

Co-Founder Re'al sandbox

ID 614579

Mark Val

GM Europe PlayFab. Opened offices for @unity & @ubisoft. Ran multimillion user online projects. Entrepreneur, award-winning developer with 15 years of experience.

ID 573294

Rohan Pasari

Founder @cialfo • Studied at @london-school-of-economics, @nanyang-technological-university-1

ID 574311

Stanley Chia DingLi

ID 136434

Alok Jain

4x Entrepreneur. Ex CMO @ Zomato. Contemplating next move...

ID 180566

Shaun Stanislaus

Founder Simpli Inc. • Worked at @sybase, @electronic-data-systems-eds • Studied at @stanford-university, @national-university-of-singapore

ID 63083

Rishabh Mehta

Twelve years of global business experience across Industry sectors. Founder, Sector 6 Group and serves on the Board for several companies.

ID 214461

Rob Findlay

Founder of Next Bank; inhouse and external customer experience and innovation consultant to banks across Asia Pacific, including NAB, OCBC Bank & DBS Bank.

ID 289606

Steve Price

Founder ikuramedia - the App Specialists and Angel Developers

ID 400629

Gonçalo Reis

Founder @lift12 • Worked at @rocket-internet, @accenture • Studied at @solvay-brussels-school-of-economics-and-management

ID 15728

Alexander Dmitrenko Marchenkoff


Founder @the7studios-spain • Investor @the7studios-spain • Studied at @russian-state-university-of-people-s-friendship

ID 693207

Olivienne Hu

Founder of CoLab Culture.

ID 540466

Leigh Appel

Technical Founder @safesite-1 • Class 1 of @muru-d. Serial Hobbyist and Technologist.

ID 181013

Frank Bomers

Founder and partner @accelerasia

ID 68668

Rishabh Mehta

Founder | Investor | Advisor

ID 493647

Hung Hoang (Paul)

Expertise in foreign language learning and Natural Language Processing. Working to simplify and expedite language learning process through technology

ID 570520

Clarence Tan

Founder of Quotd ( Quotd is a fun and easy way to create, discover and share beautiful quotes.

ID 574469

Drootoo Pte.Ltd.

Founder and CEO of DROOTOO. Worked at Microsoft , Hewlett Packard and NetApp .10 years of experience in cutting edge technology sector.

ID 755216

Dustin Jefferson Onghanseng

Visionary | Strategist | Rebel Co-founder and CEO of uHoo. Growth driver and change maker. HKUST MBA 2015. Speaks both business and tech jargon.

ID 482157

Rajeev Ranade

Founder of Source Central Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based firm modernizing the institutional investor and manager interface.

ID 754313

Sahyog Shishodia

Founder Talent Flush • Worked at @mitsubishi-corporation, @jacobs-engineering-group

ID 743457

Brittany Martin

fan of serendipity, human connection, and deep conversation. founder & exec director of @AbleThrive and working to empower people with disabilities worldwide.

ID 319780

Rakhil Fernando

Aerospace Engineer at Embry Riddle. Worked in Private Banking and Private Equity at Coutts, Credit Suisse and Eureka Hedge. Founded Friskybox and Bed Hostels.

ID 639672

Allen Chun

Founder of Juanted, Software Engineer at @augmify, @simpli, @proudcloud • Studied at @university-of-the-east

ID 355548

Kristyna Zapletalova

CEO & Founder @maqtoob

ID 674308

Balarama Raju N

Founder & CEO @coeconsult Board Member @cludoc-a-healthcare-network 25+ Years Experience in Software Industry.

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